The Beatles - Classic ´65
1. Live in Paris
Palais de Sports - 20. Juni 1965
-- Twist and shout
-- She´s a woman
-- Ticket to ride
-- Can´t buy me love
-- I´m a loser
-- I wanna be your man
-- A hard day´s night
-- Baby´s in black
-- Rock and Roll music
-- Everybody´s trying to be my baby
-- Long tall Sally
2. Blackpool night out (störender Zeitlauf im Bild, ABC TV)
ABC Theatre, Blackpool, 1. August 1965
-- I feel fine
-- I´m down
-- Act naturally
-- Ticket to write
-- Yesterday (For The First Time On TV)
-- Help!
3. N.M.E. Poll Winners' Concert 1965) Empire Pool, London-Wembley, 11. April 1965
-- I feel fine
-- She´s a woman
-- Baby´s in black
-- Ticket to ride
-- Long tall Sally
4. Shindig! US TV Music-Serie, 20. Januar 1965
-- Kansas City
-- I´m a loser
-- Boys
5. Help! Awards
(Interviews, störender Zeitlauf im Bild)

6. Spain Tour footage
(Berichte Madrid 2./ 3. Juli 1965)

Das Hauptmenü enthält "Play" (alles) und "Menu" (direkte Anwahl einzelner Inhalte). Es sind keine Extras vorhanden.

Review Amazon-Kunde:
"First thing you have to know is, that this DVD is a bootleg on a DVD-R. It is not color, it is not anamorphic, it is not AC3-coded, it has no menue! but ... it is - for a Beatle-Fan like me - a masterpiece!!! It has the whole Paris-, NME-, Blackpool- and Shindig!-performances in watchable picture- and good sound-quality. So, where else you can buy this on DVD?"

"Apple" MCD-1296
Made in Japan
1,85:1 Widesceen
schwarz-weiß (all black and white)
? Min.
ALL Regions
Dolby Digital 5.1 angegeben aber nicht vorhanden
Sprache: englisch, keine Untertitel
In meiner Sammlung enthalten!

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